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Channeliser is the only network, designed for the IT industry, that helps you find and engage with prospective IT partners anywhere in the world.

Finding the right partners for your business is hard. Locating companies with best fit in areas such as solution, industry and Geo is not easy. But, IT companies can no longer work in isolation, they need to build a network of trading partners, both large and small, to complete their product and service offerings or provide market coverage.

Channeliser enables companies to locate and engage with complementary IT companies around the world, becoming more agile and responsive to the needs of the customer.

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Make it easy on yourself

Channeliser is the first and only place to search for, select, engage and connect with other IT companies, from around the globe and across the entire IT industry - across any vendor or any solution. Channeliser has been designed to help your company, any company, find that needle in the haystack of potential partners which will meet your exacting criteria.

Channeliser provides the solution to a real industry need - simply, easily and for free.

Make it easy on yourself - finding the right business partners is really hard. Channeliser helps you search, select and engage with the right-fit channel partners for your business.

Get discovered

Channeliser shows you how to profile your company so that prospective partners will find you and be relevant to your business! Channeliser takes you through a step by step process to profile your company and your solutions so that complementary IT companies, be that resellers, ISV's or service companies, can find you.

Get discovered - Channeliser shows you how to profile your company so that prospective partners will find you and be relevant to your business!

Engage and manage

Through professional networking within Channeliser you can introduce your company to your prospective partners in a branded and personalized form and enabling you to promote your proposition and begin a dialogue that can lead to business partnerships.

Engage and manage - Channeliser can help introduce you to your target partners, connecting you with the right people in a professional manner.


Connect with others and promote your company using Channeliser's social apps.

Networking - Use the Channeliser social apps to upload documents, videos and blogs, to message and connect, to form private or public groups and to post adverts in the Marketplace.

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Channeliser offers more

Precision search gives you the exact right-fit partners.

Keep all your partner relationships in one place, shared by your team; making engaging and collaborating easy.

Channeliser has both a personal and a Corporate profile, so you retain corporate social content and connections, even if someone leaves your company.

Build your Corporate profile just once and share or stay private, as you wish.

Social content is not lost in the noise of generic social sites.

Receive 94% more engagements, post videos, photos and links.

Manage your own Private invite-only Group as an interactive partner-to-partner community and securely share information.

Extensive resources within interest groups.

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